Peer2Peer is a student-run initiative, with a number of participating colleges across Cambridge. Peer2Peer supporters are students that have been trained to provide confidential, informal, support to other students in Cambridge. They can chat with you about anything weighing on your mind; no problem is too big or small! The aim is not to provide an answer, but to encourage students to open up, and talk through the issues or worries they might be having, in a safe and comfortable environment. The service upholds a number of key principles:

  • Confidential – what is discussed will not be shared by the supporter. The only exception will be if the supporter is concerned for somebody's safety, at which point the supporter can make a referral on to another part of the college, or the university's welfare network.

  • Non-judgemental – supporters will listen open-mindedly and impartially in any conversation.

  • Responsive – supporters will aim to be approachable, only offering support if it is asked for.

  • Active listening - supporters will not give advice, but will help others to think through, and clarify, their concerns and options for themselves. 

Contact a Peer2Peer supporter:

The list of Cambridge Peer2Peer supporters, and their individual contact details, can be found on the Peer2Peer website.

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