Support from College

There are loads of great staff and students in college who are always around for a chat and can support you. 


Personal tutors are responsible for your welfare in college and can discuss any academic or welfare issues. You can set up a meeting just to have a chat, or they can help direct you to other services relevant to you. You’ll meet the personal tutor assigned to you in your first week at college. In some cases, you may go to other tutors for support for example if you wish to speak to a tutor of a certain gender.


In an emergency, there is a duty tutor on call 24 hours a day.

Other College Staff
Director of Studies

Many students feel that they are more comfortable talking to their Directors of Studies about welfare issues - and this can be really helpful as they understand specifically the pressure their students are under academically. 

College Nurse

The college nurse is available for all varieties of health-related issues, including minor injuries and illnesses, or simply for a chat and some reassurance. They can also help refer you to other services (for example, the Physio Direct Service, University Counselling Service or Sexual Health Clinic).

The Chaplain is a valued part of the welfare system in college, and is available to come to with any problem confidentially, or even just to have a chat. They will be happy to listen, regardless of your religious views. They also host many events which provide some respite from everyday college life. 


The porters are always on hand to help and chat and, especially in an emergency, are a really valuable and helpful team.

Also, if you are ever in a situation where you feel unsafe or lost you can go to the porters lodge of any college and they will help you.

Welfare Reps

The JCR/MCR Welfare Reps play a key role in working with college to provide students with the support they need, and hence are experts on the support that's available. They will introduce themselves in the first week and can be approached by any student and will direct them towards the appropriate support, and will of course remain completely confidential.

JCR Liberation Officers

Some colleges have Liberation Officers in addition of the welfare team. The Liberation officers are key members of the JCR/MCR, where they work to represent the welfare of specific groups of students (including but not limited to students who identify as LGBT+, women, disabled and BME). Any of them can be contacted for advice on how to access support, particularly where issues relate to their specific role.

Student Minds

Student Minds Reps are individuals who care about mental health and student wellbeing. You can contact Student Minds on Facebook, or approach an individual rep, and they'll help advise you on how to access support, maintaining confidentiality at all times.  

About us

Student Minds Cambridge campaigns for better mental health provision and understanding at university.


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